They have left Antarctica!

Published 17.12 in category South Pole 2010

The jury gave good marks to all involved! Photo Knut

Friday: Back in Punta Arenas! Marit and Terry were originally scheduled to fly out the Saturday the 18th. But they were stronger and faster than expected, so they got themselves  on a flight very late on Thursday!

That means they are back in Punta now! All of you out there who have followed the trip and sent massages, now you cam bomb them with greetings!

Both are now in great shape to get themselves back home in time for Christmas. But right now we know they are enjoying our wonderful ‘civilised’ life: Cold beer, wine, food that can be ordered, chairs in stead of a tent floor, toilets in stead of a ‘quick-shit’ in the freezing winds, and – a soft, nice bed with no rattling from the tent.

From what we hear they have not stopped smiling yet.

And for all of you who are dreaming of the South- or the North Pole, don’t just dream…

Thank you for now.

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