This trip had it all !!!

Published 17.09 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016

Today there was dark skies coming over us in the morning. Then within one hour the whole valley was white !

We had a lazy morning, waiting for the weather to get better. A bit before 11 we headed towards the sea, with glimpses of blue sky over us. As we did earlier we followed the raindeer paths, and a really heavily used one that took us out of the valley and up in the highland.

On our highest point we could spot where “Nansens tentplace” was when he built the boat that took them to “Godt haap” (today Nuuk).

We traversed in the high parts of  the sea line over to an old Viking Ruin, which today is used as a base for Inuit reindeer hunters. We meet 3 guys here that were  going out for reindeer tomorrow. One of them I meet on this same place 8 Years ago 🙂



This place where we have made our final camp is on the site of a old viking church called Sandnes. Nothing but the flat land is left, but it is a special place, not unlike a wild, sparsely populated Norwegian fjord. These area had 4 churches and about 140 farms spread out over several fjords.

Great end to the trip, tomorrow we get picked up by boat and we will also head to Nuuk (and beer and pizza ! ) before heading back home.

This trip had it all!

Thanks to everyone!



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