Tipple forward thrust

Published 04.01 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

2011 LOGOWednesday morning: What a difference a day makes! Tuesday started slow with now wind. They started out skiing and hauling the sledges. Then it picked up and soon they changed from cross country skis to kiting gear and up went the kites. They did very well, and as the wind gradually picked up the kilometres were ticked off. Late in the day, they changes to ski-sails as the wins by now was very (very) good.

At 100,6km they called it a day! Suddenly they are into the 86° as they camped at S86,9103  W81,7443 at ‘only 2018 metres altitude. And the smiles were as wide as Antarctica. It had been a very big encounter with nature to sail over the waste ice dunes feeling they were flying. More wind is predicted for Wednesday. Lets cross our fingers.

Flying north – but not looking all that relaxing… to fight a sail for 100km is hard work.


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