Optimism reigns in gorgeous weather

Published 16.04 in category North Pole 2007

Yesterday we had abominable weather. It’s rather depressing to lose a whole 10 km due to drifting ice just in the course of the night. The good news is that we woke up to gorgeous weather, and the wind has stilled. After walking for two hours, we found a way to get out of this maze of open leads – but it wasn’t easy.

As soon as we tackled that challenge, it was easy going. Sunshine and a relatively warm temperature of –4˚C. No wind. The ice drift has abated. We progressed 18 kilometre today, pulling our first 10-hour day. It’s really important to keep going at this pace if we hope to reach the North Pole in time for a 23 April flight.

There is a cheerful mood in the camp after this good day. Let’s hope the great weather continues tomorrow.

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