Today has been a mixed bag of tricks

Published 17.04 in category North Pole 2005

We awoke this morning to drifting snow and winds from the northwest, but we had to get up and get going. The first few hours were hard in that we had to struggle through deep new snow and poor ice. In some places we experienced a total whiteout. In other words; very poor visibility!

Later in the day the weather cleared and we had sunshine and good visibility. We then had to cross some snow-filled leads and those crossings can give you an eerie feeling. We therefore took it very easy while inching across.

After another few hours on skis we were ready to set up camp after having covered about 15 km. We are satisfied with this distance since we had poor weather and the ice had drifted against us; we felt it was a good achievement.

Today we passed the midway point so we only have another half to go.

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