Top if the icefall!

Published 25.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

What a wonderful day, sunshine, warm and big crevasses filed with snow! The mother of all cracks on top of the icefall was completely filled with snow.

We started the day at nine as usual. We had to cross a couple of rivers. But most off them is already frozen. The first party of crewasses was filled with frozen water. After them we put on our skies. Its always wonderfull to do the first step on the skies. This is what we have waited for so long. At the higher part of the icefall it is always exiting to se how good the snowbridges are. Therefor we was surprised to find that all the big crevasses is filled with snow. We can cross them almost anywhere we want. We are happy with todays distance, 13,4 kilometers in a straight line. The camp is at 1300 meters abowe sealevel and todays spanish lesson is Stove: hornillo

Some Photos:

SigridSigveTop of icefall

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