tough day, nerve racking, intense…

Published 06.05 in category Ice Legacy. St. Elias glacier
DAY 16
10km in 9 hours. Toughest day. Nerve racking, intense.
Very heavy snow + white out + up and downs = 10km in 9 hours. But we are doing all good!
We used our skies to anchor the tent. Today when we took off our skies we had snow all the way to the hips!
Lesson of what’s happening at the moment : “do not sell the skin before having the bear shot”.
However, we are a strong team determine to move forward and safely all the way to Miles Lake.
Good that we have 2 more weeks of food + fuel.
We even more appreciate the dinner and the cognac after a day like this :-). Cheers!
Lat+60deg37’11” Lon-143deg31’9″ Alt+5099ft

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