Toward southern dialects

Published 06.09 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

It’s the 6th of September. Yesterday Bjarte and I pedalled through the town of Sandnessjøen and made our way down the magnificent coast of Helgeland – through Tjøtta, Brønnøysund, and Sømna and on to Namsos. That’s where we spent the night. Now we’ve reached Steinkjer, making steady progress on the map. We’re still covering roughly the same ground each day; I must admit my legs are quite stiff, but that’s compensated by the deep satisfaction that we’re moving south.

This is Trøndelag, a rather lush region in the central Norway – and the dialect here is strikingly different from that of Nordland county. In other words an audible sign of more southerly latitudes.

Today was dreadful. A gale blew the hard rain straight at us. To put it bluntly: it’s been a struggle. On a rough day like this it really helps to have company, and I am grateful that Bjarte has been by my side for a few days now. Tomorrow, however, he is heading home. Once more it will be a solitary journey, I’m afraid. The trick, of course, is to take one day at a time, just like we did across the Arctic Sea. Fortunately I can sense that the final destination of my expedition is around the corner.

My plan is to reach Trondheim tomorrow. That’s another 120 km and it should go fine, unless the weather is positively frightful. The meteorologists are predicting relatively good weather, a mix of sun and rain. From there I’ll turn southwestward, heading down along the coast of Western Norway to Ørsta. My son Max is attending school there, having moved away from home while I’ve been gone. I really look forward to spending my first day of rest with him.

From Ørsta I’ll head east across the mountains to Oslo.

But I am getting ahead of myself – first Trondheim, then one day at a time.

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