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From February 11th. to 14th. “An apple for Isortoq-expedition” had their winter training camp on the high plateau of Hardangervidda in the Norwegian mountains.

We skied  apx. 50km from Finse to Ustaoset. Nice three day trip.

 The members of the group live in close proximity of each other. We even all speak the same dialect. This makes this trip extraordinary.

 The group was put together around the first of May 2015, and to this date we have had over 30 “monday training-trips” and one week-end gathering in Jotunheimen.

 The expedition name, “An apple for Isortoq” has it´s origin from a charity thing we are doing for the kids in the town of Isortoq. A local transportation company is paying for the shipment of a box filled with stuff for the kids in Isortoq. Mostly toys, but also some hygienic products, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc.

 During this week-end on Hardangervidda we had really nice conditions to practice for the upcoming expedition across Greenland. 25 Celsius below, with nice sun and beautiful views all around.

 The group is highly motivated and their skills are reaching that professional level that we are aiming for.

 I can´t help but look upon the forthcoming expedition with great delight.

 Cheers Are

Skis and poles


Could life be better


Gunnar og Mari










Practice in Hardangervidda




Mari as we know her. Hallingskarvet in the background B


A lot of space in a Svea 4


Photos from Hardangervidda


An apple for Isortoq-expedition

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