Arctic circle trail – The Greenland trekking

  • Greenland is a lot more than ice and snow!

    The Arctic Circle Trail is a 160km long established trekking route that goes between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. It is a long wilderness trip that has much of the same intensity as a full blooded crossing of the icecap.
    It goes in a unique wilderness area on the west coast of Greenland. In the same area as the new Greenlandic UNESCO site, established in 2018. The area is the biggest ice free part of Greenland, with cultural landscape going back thousands of years.

    Kangerlussuaq is the main hub on Greenland with an international Airport. Sisimiut is the second biggest town, with a population of 5-6.000

  • Food and equipment

    You must bring the following:

    • Outer shell, jacket and pants
    • Gloves and mittens
    • Hat for walking and one for sleeping
    • Two layers of underwear and socks, technical or wool
    • Fiber jacket or thick woolen sweater
    • Trekking boots with some ankle support
    • Light sneakers
    • Backpack 70-90 litres
    • Sleeping mat (maximum 90 cm width)
    • Sleeping bag, three season (comfort -7ºC), down is okay
    • Sunglasses
    • Cup, bowl, spoon and knife
    • Drinking bottle 1 l
    • Thermos 1 l (can be a drinking bottle)
    • Blister tape and personal medications
    • Headlamp
    • Extra woolen socks for camp
    • Walking sticks
  • Day by day

    Dates not yet decided for 2020, but as example this was 2019: Arrive in Kangerlussuaq on 3rd September. Checking gear and getting ready for the trail. We will spend one night in town before we head out next 4th September

    Starting point is Kelly Ville, this is a short bus ride out of Kangerlussuaq. First two days on the trail is all about getting into the trip. We are starting slow but steady with short walking intervals in between the breaks.

    Day 3-7 we will increase the walking intervals, and a leg or two more daily. We might use a cabin on day 3 depending on whether there are other teams on the same location. But in general, we base all our camps as tent campsites.

    Day 7-13, walking rhytmn and routines are set and we keep enjoying the landscape until arrival to Sisimiut for a well deserved warm dinner, cold beer and a bed !


  • Expedition details

    Our favorite time to go trekking on Greenland is after the mosquito season, when fall colors are there and the light is good for photography. In September we might even be lucky and see northern lights.

    Since it is fall season it means we also have to be ready for temperatures going down to the freezing point at night. That again means some extra weight in the backpack for insulation of the sleeping bag, an extra pair of thick socks and maybe a bit warmer clothing than a regular summer trip.

    All in all, you must pack light, but must expect to end up with a backpack crossing the magical 20kg limit. How much depend highly on what kind of extras you bring.

  • Training and preparing

    Arctic Circle Trail is not a trip to start without preparation !

    You must be able to walk with a 20kg+ backpack for several days. We normally walk in intervals 30-35-40 minutes depending on how far we are into the trip. In between each interval we have first a short break and the next break a bit longer, then short, longer, and so on … in the middle of the day a substantially longer stop. We are thinking the same way with this as we do with polar travel.

    This means we build up a bit as the days go by, the second day is normally the day your body really feels it before everything gets better on days after.

    To make the trip as good as possible for yourself and the others you have to test yourself by walking 3 full days with a 20kg backpack well before the trip.

    Training is best done the same way, but with a lighter backpack. General training as in a gym, on a bike or swim is also good, but nothing can prepare you as well as walking in the terrain with a backpack.

  • Rates, dates and booking


    Price for 2020 is 18.500 NOK.

    On this price we include: campsite general equipment (tent, stove, fuel), all meals while out in the field, communication, navigation and security equipment, of course guiding.

    Not included is : travel to Kangerlussuaq before the start, and from Sisimiut  afterwards. Neither are included the hotel and meals while in any of both settlements. Travel insurance, personal equipment not included.


    For 2019 meeting in Kangerlussuaq was on 3rd September, out in the field next day. Arrival to Sisimiut 13th September, spend the night (ready to head back home next day)

    2020, 2021, 2022, following years, will be similar dates but not confirmed.


    First step is to fill our online booking form on this same site. Then we will send you a deposit invoice of 3.000 NOK.

    The system works as follows: Your booking form will give you a place in the queue, but it is not binding in any way. Only when the deposit has been paid your place on the trip is guaranteed and the trip is on for you !  This deposit is not refundable according to our Travel Conditions

    Final payment: we will send final invoice to be paid 3 months before the start of the trip




    Booking - How to proceed

    1. If this is something for you, - send us the booking for your desired trip and your place is reserved. This will be kept for you until you have paid the deposit invoice. Then your place is guaranteed until the remaining amount is due.
    2. You will then receive our expedition-booklet that gives you more information about the trip, insurance, safety, personal training tips towards the trip, as well as info on the training (for more info, refer to the training and preparations menu)
    3. We will also supply you with the complete equipmentlist and work with you to ensure that you know what is needed and included from both your- and our side.
    4. Personal/medical information-form. By signing up on a trip, we need you to fill in a form for our records regarding health issues, your recent outdoor experiences- and background, passport if outside Norway- and insurance info as well as next-of-kin details.
    5. The invoice for the remaining amount will be sent to you about 3 months prior to departure (for some destinations the due-dates might be more than 90 days prior to departure. After full payment has been settled, you are on your way !
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Quick facts

Date: 03.09.2020
Duration: 10 days plus travel (4-13 September) NOT CONFIRMED YET
Price: 18.500 NOK
Sheduled for: 2020, 2021, 2022
Participants: Maximum 7 + guide
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