Kayak Course – NPF Våttkort – in Steigen, Norway

  • This trip combines a 2 Star kayak course, with guided trips in an amazing terrain. It gives you great training and experiences for safe Arctic paddling. The last day you get a Norwegian 2 Star paddle certificate that is aligned with the European Paddle Pass (EPP) and British Canoeing Union (BCU).

    This course is done in a fantastic area along the northern Norwegian coast. Steigen is located one and a half hour north of Bodø and has in recent years been “on the map” because of the wild and beautiful nature. With all its islands and archipelagos the area is absolutely amazing when it comes to kayaking. Here you will find white sandy beaches, crystal clear and shallow water that makes it possible to experience nature both above and below sea level.

  • Food and equipment

    We will supply most of the general equipment (kayak, paddle, vest, dry suits, etc). You will need to bring your personal equipment and clothing.

    As soon as booking is confirmed we will send a detailed equipment list.

    We provide snacks throughout the day, and a top notch 3 course dinner at night, but if you feel like having any extra, or personalized snacks, bring them if you wish.

    If you have allergies or special needs, please inform us in writing. Depending of needs  you may be asked to bring your own choice of food.

  • Day by day

    On Thursday 28th May - NOT CONFIRMED- you fly to Bodø and take the ferry 17:25 from down town. You arrive at Nordskot in Steigen at approx. 18.45. You 'll be picked up by your guide who will take you out to the little idyllic island Manshausen. This is Børge's palace, where we stay overnight at the "Expedition Loft" alcoves" in one of the new buildings in the island. Here we have time to get to know each other. Another option for lodging is to upgrade to one of the beautiful new seacabins at Manshausen. Please inquire if interested.

    Friday morning we go through the dynamics of the kayak course, paddle techniques, safety procedures and make our self and the kayaks ready for the day. The kayak course will be run with playful practices. During the first minutes of dialogue, the coach will establish the learning style of each participant. And use it to maximize each individual’s learning curve. We will be close to the beach or harbor at Manshausen, the first half of the day. Depending on weather and wind, we can use the latter half of the course day to paddle around in the beauty near Manshausen. The evening will be spent at Manshausen, enjoying the common house - Hovedhuset - with a fire on the stove, the newly built design sauna and/or the hot tub, and savouring a lovely fresh and local product 3 course dinner before we crawl into our beds in the expedition loft.

    Saturday will be the first full trip day in between the islands. We use the day to enjoy the North Norwegian nature, and work on techniques relevant for longer trips. Maybe we get a close encounter with the sea eagle, or try our fish luck? The possibilities are many. The night will be spent in the cabin, with the possibility to purely relax and/or reflect on the newly harvested experiences. Surely experience the sauna if you haven't the day before...

    Sunday we are all more experienced paddlers now and can explore even wider parts of the amazing archipelago. It is a goal to enter the outside of the protective islands and get Lofoten as wallpaper, just in front of us. This day is also an extra day to refine your paddling with a top-level coach.

    Finally we shall head back to Manshausen. Here it is possible to take a shower and a bite to eat before we pack our stuff so we are ready for the ferry back at approximately 18:00, arrival to Bodø around 19:30.

  • Expedition details


    Arrive to Manshausen on Thursday and departure on Sunday (unless once you are there you decide to profit from the newly learned lessons and stay longer to paddle some more)


    Sigurd Schultz is a Norwegian top level Sea kayak coach. He has been coaching and guiding in Lofoten for 3 years from 2009. Since 2012 he´s been working mainly in Steigen and Bodø. He is also a certified family therapist and former prison governor, and the chosen kayak coach to the Norwegian Army´s Operational Headquarters, so both a jolly group and security can be guaranteed.


    The rate for 2020  is  9.150 Nok/person.

    What 's included: The event includes a single kayak with paddle, vest, dry suit and cover. All meals during your stay, including buffet breakfast and a top level 3 course dinner at the restaurant in Manshausen, Borge's retreat and new business. Lunch will be expedition style, on the go.

    We will sleep at the "Expedition loft",  sleeping alcoves.

    Sauna and/or hot tub use at the end of the day.

    Please inquire if you would like to upgrade to one of the new design "sjohytter", an experience in itself !

    What is not included: Travel to and from the Steigen. You must bring your personal clothing and other personal gear. Please refer to the equipment list for details. Drinks during dinner (except water)


    Booking: The first step is to fill our Booking form. We will then send you a Deposit Invoice . The system works as follows: Your Booking Form will give you a place in the ‘queue’. But it is not binding in any way. It only gets serious when you receive and pay the deposit Invoice (2.500 Nok, plus possible upgrades). This deposit is non refundable according to our Travel Conditions. But this means you are in and the trip is on!


    The trip: to be paid in full 90 days before departure, (minus the deposit). Refunding / pulling out clauses are dealt with in our Travel Conditions.

  • Training and preparing

    Background / training: No need to be experienced paddler to go on this trip. It is an affordable trip for anyone in reasonable physical condition. The guide will customize the tour for the group, so changes in route can happen along the way. We must also pay attention to the weather.



    Will it be cold in the kayak?

    No, since you will be paddling in dry suits you will be very well protected, and half of your body will be protected from weather inside the kayaks. Your hands will need some mittens, but they will be protected inside special neoprene cuffs we mount on the oars. A windproof hat will do well, and of course sunglasses and sun protection.

    What kind of boots should we wear?

    We recommend and bring neoprene socks with rubber sole for you. Let us know your size. These are warm and completable and enable you to step into the water and stones. You should as well bring a pair of trekking shoes for the possible small trips we probably will do here and there.

    What kind of kayaks will we use?

    We will be using single kayaks with different sizes:

    - The main kayak:       Tahe Marine Reval Midi PE.
    - The smaller kayak:   Tahe Marine Playspirit PE.
    - The bigger kayak:     Prijon Seayak, PE.


    What kind of camera should we use?

    We recommend the compact version. It is not necessary to use a waterproof camera, but then you need to put it inside a waterproof plastic bag. The drysuit has a special camera pocket on the arm, for small cameras, so that you can have it ready on short notice. Remember to store your camera in a completely waterproof bag when we do the in-water training sessions.

    Do we need to bring sleeping bag and towels ?

    NO, it is not necessary. On the expedition loft we include duvet, sheets and towels. As per equipment list, maybe a towel if you want to be brave and take an ocean swim....

  • Rates, dates and booking

    Booking - How to proceed

    1. If this is something for you, - send us the booking for your desired trip and your place is reserved. This will be kept for you until you have paid the deposit invoice. Then your place is guaranteed until the remaining amount is due.
    2. You will then receive our expedition-booklet that gives you more information about the trip, insurance, safety, personal training tips towards the trip, as well as info on the training (for more info, refer to the training and preparations menu)
    3. We will also supply you with the complete equipmentlist and work with you to ensure that you know what is needed and included from both your- and our side.
    4. Personal/medical information-form. By signing up on a trip, we need you to fill in a form for our records regarding health issues, your recent outdoor experiences- and background, passport if outside Norway- and insurance info as well as next-of-kin details.
    5. The invoice for the remaining amount will be sent to you about 3 months prior to departure (for some destinations the due-dates might be more than 90 days prior to departure. After full payment has been settled, you are on your way !
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Quick facts

Date: 28.05.2020
Duration: 4 days.
Price: Cost is 9.150 Nok
Sheduled for: 2020, 2021, 2022
Participants: 6 maximum. Bookings open for 2020. DATES NOT CONFIRMED YET
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