• This voyage is an extraordinary experience. Whilst staying in the heated facilities of the Barneo Icecamp you can explore, play and walk in the fascinating pack-ice. The small flat areas surrounded by pressure ridges and leads make this a playground for adults.

    On the second day we fly by helicopter up to the very Geographical North Pole. We plant our flag, take photos, and do a bit of celebration and make a quick call home via satellite phones!

  • Food and equipment

    Will be distributed after you have booked this trip. Most important is that we will provide the warm coat, trousers, and boots, so you don't need to buy these for just a few days use.

  • Day by day

    Day 1.

    We all meet up in Longyearbyen. Transfer and check in to our hotel and meet up with the team as everybody arrives.

    Receive and check your polar clothing kit, and information briefing on the current situation at the Ice Camp “Barneo”, inform about polar flight departure time, and answer any questions you might have.

    Location and time: 19:00, the Conference room at Radisson Blu Polar Hotel. 

    Day 2.

    Departure: From the morning we will be on ‘stand-by’. We will only be flying if the pilots are 100% sure that the weather will not play any dangerous tricks on us. Sometimes there may be anxious hours, where we are stuck in our hotel just waiting. Maybe we even have to wait till next day?

    When the call comes, it’s all hands on deck and we’re off to the airport. After the security check, we pack ourselves into the airplane; wait for the very last weather check-up – and off we go!

    Two and a half hours later we will have flown over ice, ice and more ice, before touching down in a huge plume of snow at Barneo, a floating Arctic Icebase situated at about 89 degrees latitude.

    Barneo Icebase: We are greeted with a hot meal and a fascinating tour of Barneo Base. This is like a living surface as it drifts around and changes shapes, with pressure ridges and leads surround the small flat patches.

    Will depend on several factors, but at first chance the MI-8 helicopter will take you to the geographic North Pole (the approximate flight time 40 minutes).

    The celebration of reaching the North Pole!

    In the environs of the North Pole you spend about 1 hour. Returning to the ice camp by helicopter MI-8 (approximate flight time 40 minutes). This could happen on day 2, but as well on day 3

    All the meals are in the heated canteen-tent and also the sleeping quarters are heated. Each tent can accommodate 10-12 person.

    Certificates of reaching the North Pole will be distributed at Barneo. Night in heated tents of Ice Camp “Barneo’.

    Day 3.

    An incomparable day at Barneo.

    You can see the work of scientific expeditions at the ice camp, the process of diving under ice or daily life of the drifting station.
    Flight to Longyearbyen on the AN-74 (approximate flight time 2 hours 30 minutes).

    On arrival to Longyearbyen transfer to the hotel (if needed). Being back is like landing in the tropics. Clean and refreshed after a good long shower, we hit the best restaurant in Longyearbyen and celebrate – depending on what time we land, of course.

    Day 4.

    Spare day (in case of delays). Free time. You have a chance to take part in Svalbard activity programs (for additional costs, advance booking required).

    Day 5.
    Returning home or exploring Longyearbyen. This day is also set aside in your calendar for any unforeseen delays, which is why you should have a flexible return ticket. That said, we very rarely have delays. But this day is usually welcome, as it is time to digest it all, do a bit of sightseeing and chat with the others.

    Transfer to the airport for your flight home. End of our service.

  • Expedition details

    The North Pole – few places on Earth have seen so much dramatic history. Grinding pack-ice has broken the strongest of ships. An ever-moving ice-covered ocean, four thousand meters deep, with crushing cold and leads of dark water. This is a kingdom of polar bears and seals. It is one of our favourite places on Earth and perhaps the most beautiful ice-world of all.

    The ice, which ranges from seasonal and newly-frozen to ‘old’ and several metres thick, moves with the wind and the currents. Sometimes the ice cracks, opening wide leads; other times vast sheets of ice collide and grind together, pushing up pressure ridges. With this three-day on the ice adventure we offer an extraordinary experience. It is a relatively short time span but you are sure to return home with real stories to tell.

  • Training and preparing

    Many wonder how to prepare physically for a polar expedition. This will vary from trip to trip and also for each individual. We will therefore provide individual training programs and advice for each participant if needed.

    In general we expect people to carry a 20 kg backpack for 8 hours for several days on a row. That’s a physical exercise that is easy to measure, but actual training can and will consist of various methods.

    Training and physical preparation for these trips typically consist of at least 3 training sessions a week for at least one hour each. Gradually this should be increased to 4 sessions a week, three months before departure, including one or two longer sessions lasting for more than two hours.

    A combination of cycling, jogging, workout in the gym, walking with backpack or pulling rubber tires is what we recommend. Its not where you do it that matters, but that you do it. Remember that a cycling session in the gym or a hard work out on the walking machine can be equally as efficient as a session outdoors.

    Related article: The fine art of pulling rubber tyres

    There are two main issues with specific training. One is the physical shape needed to endure the trip you have signed up for and secondly to make your muscles, tendons and ligaments, basically the whole body, prepared for the load on the way. Not to forget the third reason, that physical training in general is very positive, something you will benefit from after the expedition as well. So, its only one thing to do when the goal is set, start training!

    Note: Be careful in the beginning, start at a level you feel comfortable with and increase gradually. If you start out too hard you might experience overtraining and injuries. Consult a doctor or physician if you experience injuries. Don’t forget to stretch out well after each session. Eating well and healthy will also help preparing your body for the upcoming adventure. The trips are not super hard, but you will enjoy it more when you have done your homework and taken training and preparation serious.


    As part of the preparations, we organize a series of training weekends, usually in the Verdal area, Norway, close to Trondheim, late in January or early February. The aim is to go through the basic skills for winter survival in order to be as well prepared as possible. We go through all the equipment and routines. During this training weekend we also get to know each other a bit beforehand, as becoming a team is an important part of the whole concept. We also open for one-on-one talks with those who would like to get some personal advise.

    WHEN:17-19 January 2020

    WHERE: Finse/Hardangervidda national park. It is quite easy to get there. From Oslo S central train station it's about 4 hours, from Bergen about 2,5 hours.
    You can check and buy tickets online here

    COST: 950 Nok/person. This is the lowest possible cost, basically what we will expend ourselves.

    We will cover all of the basic equipment, breakfast and dinner, pulkas, tents, etc, but not the personal equipment (clothes, skis, poles, boots, sleeping bag and mattress). If you have to travel through Oslo this is also a great time to go to the sport shop, since some of the equipment needed for trips like this can be hard to find outside Norway. We can assist you with this as well.

    You need to cover your flight and train tickets coming here, food and lodging before and after the training (if any, as the nights will be spent in tents).

    The training is voluntary but highly recommended. This will help you and us to evaluate your assumptions and to put focus on the key points for further exercise and practice


    We also do a extended training trip: The Finnmarksvidda Crossing 

    Every February for 5 days and 4 nights out.

    Finnmarksvidda is in the Northern part of Norway, above the Arctic Circle. This trip is a great way to train and learn the ropes of basic winter survival. It is a 5 day mini expedition that is relevant, cold and stunning as we very often have the Northern lights at night. Timed with the full February moon we normally have enough natural light for skiing as well.

    The Finnmark trip is one of our regular trips (refer to the complete overview for all trips) but if you already are booked on any of our other trips, you will receive a discount.

  • Rates, dates and booking

    The dates in 2020 A: departure from Longyearbyen on 17th April, back the 18th if no delays. But you have to be there 1-2 days in advance, and have flexibility for departure in case of delays.

    Price: 22.000 € 

    2021 & 2022:

    We are going back both in 2021 and 2022. There might be some changes to the dates and price compared to 2019. The program will stay the same.

    Contact us for more details or if you have any questions, or complete the booking if you know which year you can go.

    To be paid in full (minus the deposit, 5.000€) before the due date to get the price as listed. Refunding/pulling out clauses are dealt with in our Travel Conditions.

    The planning and logistics to get the Barneo Ice station up and running for the weeks in April is main reason for the prices to rise throughout the pre-season. This is mainly due to the costs related to the planning which also rises the closer to April it gets as even more fuel, food, staff, flights etc needs to be arranged. 

    The price includes all lodging, food and transport as of leaving Longyearbyen until you return. Also included is camp-, navigation-, safety- and communication equipment, and specialised expedition equipment like sledges, harness, skis, poles, boots, socks, facemasks, mittens, sleeping bag, mattress etc.

    The price do not include personal travel- and medical insurance, personal clothing (refer to the equipment list you will receive after your booking, flight tickets to/from Longyearbyen food and sleeps during the stay in Longyearbyen before your departure and on your return.

    The Deposit: We will send you a Deposit Invoice of 5.000,- EUR approximately 6 months before departure or before if you book late. The system works as follows: Your Booking Form will give you a place in the ‘queue’. But it is not binding in any way. It only gets serious as you receive a Deposit Invoice. This deposit is non refundable according to our Travel Conditions. But this means you are in and the trip is on!

    Booking - How to proceed

    1. If this is something for you, - send us the booking for your desired trip and your place is reserved. This will be kept for you until you have paid the deposit invoice. Then your place is guaranteed until the remaining amount is due.
    2. You will then receive our expedition-booklet that gives you more information about the trip, insurance, safety, personal training tips towards the trip, as well as info on the training (for more info, refer to the training and preparations menu)
    3. We will also supply you with the complete equipmentlist and work with you to ensure that you know what is needed and included from both your- and our side.
    4. Personal/medical information-form. By signing up on a trip, we need you to fill in a form for our records regarding health issues, your recent outdoor experiences- and background, passport if outside Norway- and insurance info as well as next-of-kin details.
    5. The invoice for the remaining amount will be sent to you about 3 months prior to departure (for some destinations the due-dates might be more than 90 days prior to departure. After full payment has been settled, you are on your way !
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Date: 15.04.2020
Duration: 5 days including preparations
Price: 22.000€
Sheduled for: 2020, 2021, 2022
Participants: Taking on bookings for 2020
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