Ousland Explores Aconcagua

  • We are going Up!  Ousland Explores Aconcagua

    Another exciting chapter in our history! We are heading into thin air with Aconcagua – one of the 7 Summits – and the highest mountain outside Himalaya. It is not only a suburb journey, but also a great, great place to learn about real altitude and how to work a mountain.
    We will meet up in Mendoza the 25th of January 2021. After a few days we move up to Las Cuevas, close to the Aconcagua national Park, for preparations and acclimatization. 
    We love this mountain, and to maximize the experience we circumnavigate the whole of it! Logistically it is a bit more complicated, but the reward is a big bonus.
    We start working our way in to Place Argentina / Basecamp before heading up towards the summit. After the summit we descend to Place de Mulas Basecamp on the other side, and complete our journey around by going the normal route to the Horcones Gate, and then directly on to Mendoza for a big Argentinian fiesta 🙂

    Please feel free to contact us and sign up now as we will aim for a small team as we always do.

    See You there!

    The Ousland Explorers


  • Food and equipment

    Food and equipment

  • Day by day

    Here is a sketch which will give you a good idea of how we tackle the mountain:

    Day 0: Buenos Aires – Mendoza


    Day 1: Mendoza


    Day 2: Mendoza – Las Cuevas / Refugio Escuela
    Day 3: Las Cuevas / Cerro Rune (3.700m)
    Day 4: Las Cuevas / Cerro Are / in Chile(!) (4.000m)
    Day 5: Las Cuevas – PTA Vacas – Pampa de Lenas (2.800m)
    Day 6: Pampa de Lenas – Casa del Piedro (3.200m)
    Day 7: Casa Del Piedro – PL Argentina (4.200m)
    Day 8: Base Camp (BC) / Placa Argentina
    Day 9: BC carry to Camp 1 (5.000m) return BC
    Day 10: BC / Placa Argentina restday
    Day 11: BC move to Camp 1
    Day 12: Camp 1 restday
    Day 13: Camp 1 carry to Camp 2 (5.350m) return to BC / Placa Argentina. (Stay in Mess tent / Rest tent…)
    Day 14: BC / Placa Argentina restday
    Day 15: BC move to Camp1
    Day 16: Camp1 move up to Camp2
    Day 17: Camp 2 move up and around to Camp 3 / Kolera (5.950m)
    Day 18: Camp 3 to Summit (6.962m) return to Camp 3
    Day 19: Extra / weather / acclimation / reserve Day 1
    Day 20: Extra / weather / acclimation / reserve Day 2
    Day 21: Camp 3 – Placa de Mulas / BC normal (4.300m) route
    Day 22: Placa de Mulas walk out to Horcones Gate (3.200m) drive to Mendoza
    Day 23: Return day: Mendoza to Buenos Aires / Europe / wherever
  • Expedition details

    • Participants: Small group (as always)
    • Guides: 2 Norwegian guides: Haavard and Sebastian
    • Route: All around the mountain
    • Preparation: Aconcagua is a big mountain and the longer you prepare the better the experience will be. We advice you commit at least 6 months ahead to be mentally, physically and technically prepared. You will prepare together with our guides.
    • Strategy: We do the mountain the ‘proper’ way. This means doing the work ourselves / carry our load up and build the camps ourselves. We believe this will make this mountain a fantastic foundation for whatever you aim to do in the future.
      There are load-porters for (high) rent on the mountain, but we see this as an emergency help. If you are strong / trained for not using them you will face the mountain in a much better state. This gives the expedition both strength and flexibility.
      We believe everybody can train for an estimated 25 Kg backpack in half a year - but talk to us on training, backpacks and later on about equipment.

    Photo: Confluencia, out from B.C.
  • Training and preparing


  • Rates, dates and booking

    • Dates, arrival: we meet in Mendoza (Argentina) on the 25th January 2021
    • Dates, departure: return from Mendoza on 17th February 2021
    • Price: US$ 5.000 (to be confirmed)
    • Included in the price: ‘Everything’ from the moment we leave Mendoza until we return. General campsite, security and navigation equipment, expedition style meals, guide of course, and solving all your questions along the way
    • Not Included in the price: Any of the flights or transport in general / transport on Mendoza • Meals or accommodation before and after the start / drinks Mendoza / Park  and climbing Fees / Permit / Porters between high camps if that should be needed

    Booking - How to proceed

    1. If this is something for you, - send us the booking for your desired trip and your place is reserved. This will be kept for you until you have paid the deposit invoice. Then your place is guaranteed until the remaining amount is due.
    2. You will then receive our expedition-booklet that gives you more information about the trip, insurance, safety, personal training tips towards the trip, as well as info on the training (for more info, refer to the training and preparations menu)
    3. We will also supply you with the complete equipmentlist and work with you to ensure that you know what is needed and included from both your- and our side.
    4. Personal/medical information-form. By signing up on a trip, we need you to fill in a form for our records regarding health issues, your recent outdoor experiences- and background, passport if outside Norway- and insurance info as well as next-of-kin details.
    5. The invoice for the remaining amount will be sent to you about 3 months prior to departure (for some destinations the due-dates might be more than 90 days prior to departure. After full payment has been settled, you are on your way !
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Quick facts

Date: 25.01.2021
Duration: 23 days (plus travel)
Price: 5.000$- USD (to be confirmed)
Sheduled for: 2021, 2022
Participants: Small team (as always)
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