Tuesday 1. September

Published 01.09 in category x'Greenland 2020

For the last four days, we have past hundreds of crevasses, cracks, creeks, rivers, open water, hill sides, and what not.We have been working 8-10 hours every day to get us up the mighty, fascinating, scaring, ugly, pretty, neverending icefall. And are now situated abow 1200 MAS.We had to call it a day around 16.00 today, because a storm hit us pretty bad. But tent life is happy life, and we will head out again tomorrow and give it a go.we are now on skis and hope life will be easier with better milage 🙂
Camp:  Lat 65.87515 Lon -38.950202

Cheers from the NUGGI-EXPEDITION

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