Turning point

Published 29.08 in category X'Greenland 2012

Our guide Bengt is in no doubt the melting this year has changed the Icefall and extended the challenge for several more kilometers.

Day 4, Monday 27th August: In interesting day as they cleared most of the big crevasse area and turned westwards. They were not entirely happy as they kept the line through the area a little high giving them a bit more work to do. The crevasses were really big but they passed and rounded all fairly easy.
After having turned west at our usual waypoint they still found the melting to have exposed crevasses normally covered by snow even in summer. So this year the obstacles last longer. But skiing conditions are very good. They are walking on a 20cm frozen melt/ice crust. It covers the whole area, but with a slightly soft icing the skis are having a good time. – The soft, though, may be down to the glorious weather. – Another clear sky with some wind.
Tomorrow they hope to clear the last crevasses and start putting in some distance.

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