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Published 02.09 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen


In the port of Bodø, just before departure on two wheels. Photo: Jonas Mjaaland

I have started the last phase of my journey. On Thursday we arrived in Bodø, and I used that day to write letters, prepare my bicycle, and to purchase some items that I needed.

Yesterday I set off in the rain! Perhaps the snow will come too – the upper slopes of the mountains are white, and the temperature is close to freezing.

I am following the coastal road, Rv17, the outermost scenic route that gazes out to sea. Highway E6 may be more direct, but there is so much more to see out here. There is the sound of waves, the smell of salt and seaweed and newly cut grass, and I have seen moose at the edge of forest above me. It’s wonderful!

I have reached Ørnes. Yesterday I bicycled about 120 km and am quite satisfied with that. I’m hoping to cover 100–120 km each day. My next goal is Sandnessjøen, but I probably won’t reach it today. That’s not a problem – I can just pitch my tent somewhere along the road, roll out my sleeping bag, and enjoy the sandwiches I made this morning.

In the morning I will continue. The bicycle and equipment are working out well. I’m pulling a tiny one-wheel trailer, which contains everything I need for the journey. That’s one reason for my relaxed tempo. Since I don’t have to reach a town, hotel or bed and breakfast, there is no need to stress. It feels great to have the freedom to camp exactly where I want.

I have no set itinerary, really. I’m just making my way south, taking each day as it comes. After being tossed about in the Barents Sea, and spending weeks waiting in Frants Josef Land, it’s truly wonderful to have the solid earth of the mainland beneath my feet. And I am excited to be on the very last leg of my journey – from the North Pole to Oslo.


The little trailer contains everything Børge might need for the last part of his journey. Photo: Agnar Berg

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