Up in the glacier

Published 03.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013

First camp on ice! We made a short but important progress, covering 2,6 km, because we had to carry everything on our backs again, and that of course takes time since we have to go two times.

We also went scouting and unfortunately we have to carry tomorrow as well. No snow on the glacier this far down, a lot of stones everywhere, and huge crevasses which we have to navigate in between and that is anyway easier on foot with crampons.

So we will see what tomorrow will bring. The landscape is anyway beautiful with broken ice and mountains all around us, and in the distance we can see the plateau rising to the south. Hopefully we will be up there in 4 days from now. Weather today has been great. It rained heavily all night, but stopped 6, just as we woke up and started to make breakfast. Three condors were circling above us earlier today, a mighty sight, only 10 metres away.

Here are our coordinates:

Lat-48deg21’5″ Lon-73deg31’17” Alt +357 m (22m13s ago) 02-Nov-2013 23:20:04 UTC


JorgeMonttglacier         JORGE MONTT GLACIER

Firstglaciercamp          FIRST GLACIER CAMPSITE

carry          LANDSCAPE AROUND US


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