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Today we started out with negotiating our way through an area of some crevasses. After a couple of hours we got to flatter easier terrain and were able to make good progress on the icy plains of the melt water system.

After lunch began the climb of the steepest an longest uphill in the world… Spent the entire afternoon ascending the hill and got to the top, tired and ready to make camp.

Did 9 kilometres today and we are camping at 815 meters above sea level. Very good spirit in the group with jokes and laughter even when the work is hard. From camp we can see traces of snow on the horizon and hope to be on skis within the next couple of days…

 Weather today was some raindrops in the morning, clouded most of the day and the sun shining through in the evening.

Bård Helge and the team : )

day 3

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