Published 24.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

Todays spanish lesson was subida: uphill. Its a good word for the day. We are now 910 meters above sea level. We walked 12 kilometers in a straight line.

We started the day at 0600, heated water for breakfast. At 0900 we took off, so you might say that we had a calm morning. The day started bumpy, with a few smal creeks to cross.Weather has been absolutely beautifull, sunny and warm. The big challenge of the day was a big step, more than 200 meters in height in a hill that at least feels straight upwards. we changed the route a bit from earlier years, and I must say now it is perfect! The last legs we had to go innbetveen crevasses, but also here we found a good way.
from the camp we can see that tomorrow will be a litle wet, lots of melting rivers a head of us.

Regards, Bengt

Juan filling fuel

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