“Vince the Navigator”

Published 07.05 in category Ice Legacy. St. Elias glacier
DAY 17
Lat+60deg35’40” Lon-143deg49’48” Alt+3342ft
Skied 17,22km today and managed to reach an important waypoint right before a col.
Yesterday night it was quite windy in the tent, some gusts were shaking the structure of our small tent. However this wind had compressed the snow and made a harder surface. That’s why we have been able to ski 17,22km today.
We are now 43 km from the arrival. Tomorrow we have to negotiate the col, the plan is to get up at 4am. The earlier the best for avalanches. Let’s stay on the safe side !!!

Tomorrow is a special day also as because we might pass the 400 km mark since departure. Also we keep on taking samples every night. We collect snow in a small container. In the end we hope to give all this material to Jeffrey Welker from the University of Anchorage for studying water isotopes (analyzing the chemistry of the ice/water).

On the photo : Vince is carefully studying the sat images of the days ahead. “Vince the Navigator” declares Børge !

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