waiting on the storm

Published 25.05 in category Greenland Spring 2014

The team had to wait today for another storm to pass. They started the day about 5 hours later than usual, but they are fine and spirits are high as they prepare for the night, says Are.

The weather forecast is good for the next few days. There is a high pressure system coming out of Canada and that will produce favorable winds, helping them along the way.


After this short report Are called again last night. Their position at 02:00 am Western European time was:

N 66 14.929, W -42 44.717. Elevation 2380. Distance covered 25 Km.

They waited out the storm (as he told us in the morning) and started late, noon in Greenland because of the storm but then the weather cleared up and it was fine afterwards. They are very glad that they put a good distance behind in spite of the weather  and that they are on schedule.

Everyone is  in the tent, they are happy and in a good mood and they will be back to normal tomorrow. Weather at the end of the day was beautiful, warm, but pretty cold at night. He confirms the high pressure forecast and hope that it will last for a while.

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