Wandering amongst heaps of bones

Published 20.07 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

It is the 20th of July, Day 80, and our position is unchanged. The seas are still rough and the wind fairly strong, although it has weakened in recent hours. And it has stopped raining. So we’re sure there is better weather around the corner. But right now there is heavy fog and we scarcely see anything. We do have a slight hope of being able to continue tomorrow, or one of the coming days. The weather report is not so bad. In the meantime, we wait in the shelter of our camp.

Even though we are stuck in one place, there is new activity here every day. We’ve had yet another polar bear visit – this time from a female with two small, cute cubs. They walked right into our tripwire and triggered the signal flare, which sent them running off. A little later, when I took a walk, I saw them eating seaweed or something down by the water. Suddenly a flock of walrus surfaced right nearby, sending the three bears scurrying uphill, where it turned out another bear was resting. All the commotion woke it up, and for a long time they stood there starting at each other, unsure of what to do next.

And then I came! That settled the matter. All four of them ran down to the water, jumped into the waves and swam away. As you can see, it’s certainly not dull around here!

We’re camped on a narrow headland with a glacier front on each side. There are bones and skeletons strewn all around here – of whales and polar bears, seal and walrus. But they must be old. As we stroll the headland, exploring while we stretch our legs, we constantly discover something new. But we really would like to carry on, continue our expedition, because we still have a fair stretch ahead of us.

We will just have to wait to see what conditions are like tomorrow.

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