Warm and clear day, no wind

Published 28.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

In the horison we only see Ice, snow and the sky – in all directions. The surface is still hard, with some softer parts. Temperature is just above cero and we have sunny spelts.

Last night was realy stormy. Nicolay wake up in the night and could se the socks on the drying rope in the tent, dancing all over. When we wake up at 0600, it was still very windy, but not as bad as in the night. By the time we were finished with melting snow, there was hardly any wind at all. We had almost perfect conditiones in the start! The day has mostly been clear and very warm. We walk in a calm and steady speed. Juan is still doing circles, and are clearly traveling more efichent in these conditiones. We also did 8 legs today, but will add one more tomorrow. In total we did 23 kilometres our camp is at 1640 meters above sealevel.
Todays Spanich lesson is water: aqua.
Saludos, Bengt

Latest position:

Lat66deg0’13” Lon-4deg3’4″ Alt +1610 m (59s ago) 27-Aug-2013 21:25:34 UTC http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=66.003850&lon=-040.051133

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