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Day 3, Sunday 26th August: Fun day in the icefall. In great weather they kept their sense of humour as they did a lot of zigzag to tackle the crevasse area. But all in all it was not the crevasses that surprised them. Those we have had before. But it was again what the water had done. It is obvious that there have been a lot of melting high up this year. The fields that usually are plane and easy going were now covered with a myriad of melting rivers and cracks. A lot of them were still filled with water. But the biggest surprise was that a lot of the giant crevasses were filled with still water! Like enormous bathtubs it seems they must be very slow moving ice since the water was not drained.
But it all went well and as they camped they only had a few big crevasses left before being through so that they can turn west and aim for good snow and the high planes.

dag 3 frise

Hitting camp after many long crevasses having caused detours

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