Published 13.04 in category North Pole 2009

Incredible start. The Plane took of at Longyearbyen at 16:05 and we landed safely at the drifting ices where the Barneo Base is situated at 18:30. We were in the air again just one and a half hour later, heading out to our starting point.
That flight was quite long as the wind picked up. That meant we had to get to a point were we did not have the drift against our direction. With the ice breaking up and the ice going in the wrong direction we could have faced a very big challenge trying to reach the North Pole.

The Antonov 74 has landed safely at the ice

The Antonov 74 has landed safely at the ice

But we got there and camped directly. Sunny, -30°C, wind 6-8 m/sec. The ice is drifting quite fast and breaking up in places, but we are safe and happy in our two tents. In the Norwegian one is Max, Thorleif and Gunnar. In the other Tom, David and me.
Tomorrow will be a calm day were we work on routines and learn how to travel safely and well through the pack ice.

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