We are finally moving

Published 30.11 in category South Pole 2005

We are finally moving. The weather was on our side yesterday, and we were able to take off and landed at 88 14 on the plateau.We had a chance to walk a few hours before we camped. Fredrik and I (Børge) walked to the left and Jan Erik by himself a kilometer to the right. Sverre and Ståle flew on down to the south pole to ski sail back to Patriot Hills.
We’re doing great, the weather is cold, approximately 35 degrees below and the sun is shining. It’s comfortable inside the tent, dispite the rather cold weather and we’re happy to finally be on our way.

Some comments from Fredrik

We have finally come out of Patriot Hills after a long week down there, a week that was too long. It feels good to come up here to Børges home.
We have no problems, our eyes are fine. The temprature is freaking cold, but we’re handling it. I have a little greeting I wish to send out to Bente Erlandsen. I’m walking this trip for you Bente Erlandsen.

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