We are going home!

Published 18.12 in category Jubilee Last Degree

Sunday evening / Union Glacier: Yessss! The Ilyushin is estimated in at Union Glacier at 23:00 Chilean time (02:00 Norwegian)! That is very good news from the ice. After Børge and the last part of the team arrived at Union 17. December, the weather has been a bit iffy. Much to hard wind and very uncertain weather reports. It looked dodgy.

On the upside was a camp in the best possible mode, and they were served champagne from an ‘Amundsen Ice-bar’ out in the cold. The catering and service of ALE has bee impressive at this the hardest place on earth to reach.

Tonight they will fly out and land in Punta Arenas around 05:00 – or as we land on work at 09:00 back here at home. It is about time to start bombing them with sms messages! Our heroes will be home for Christmas!

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