We have seen the ocean

Published 19.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq

Day 23
We have seen the OCEAN. After som 35km skiing today, mostly in Whiteout, we finally saw the ocean on the last leg of the day. We are now 35km from the coast, and if everything go as planned, we will touch gravel sometimes tomorrow evening. We are now laying at apx 1288 meters above sealevel, so there will be some downhill skiing tomorrow as well. We crossed some polarbear tracks today. I guess they were pretty old, maybe a week or so, but even how, they reminded us that we are in the land of the king of the predators.
We also met a Finnish-expedition, who started 3-4 days ahead of us. Nice guys! And they had even heard on the Jungle-telegraph that some from the Ousland-Expedition had been engaged on this trip. So they congratulated Ingvild and me. Quite a surprise. A reminder that the world is a small place.
Tomorrow is the last day of skiing on this trip. Sad but true.
Gunnar H sends his regards to his companions in Hydal Aluminium profiler. He is looking forward to see you all again.


Regards from Are and the TEAM!

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