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Published 04.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Weather is still very kind to us. Yesterday was maybe the best day we had. Sunny all day long and no winds.

So we went up towards the glacier again to carry down the last load of equipment all the way to the camp we are in right now.

It was a heavy day, carrying heavy loads in warm sunny weather, too hot now ! and we took lots of breaks throughout the day. Not mountain climbing but almost, as we had to cross a lot of very steep hills to get down our loads. We moved the equipment about only  2 Km in all day !

Today we will have an easier day, as we have confirmed our pick up for the 9th November, and that is quite some days from now.

So probably we will take a day off to wander around and enjoy Patagonia and the campsite we are in right now, from which we have amaaaaazing views !

Well, this is all for now, saludos from all of us here in Patagonia !

2013pata18view     patagonia landscape

2013pata20campsouroundings     another view from the campsite

2013pata19suduko_gro     nightime in northern patagonia icecap


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