we made it !!!

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Day 24


After 23 days of skiing across the Greenland Icecap we finally touched gravel at the east coast today at 19.15 local time, 23.15 Norway time.
The last day was a tough one. Handling the Icefall, with its melting rivers, melting lakes, crevasses and ups and downs in complete whiteout or more or less absence of clear sight. We were on the track, working hard for almost 12 hours. In the last hour of the day, the sun came out, and let us see the beautiful coast of east Greenland.
And I think we deserve it!!
What a trip this has been!
I will give a short summary in a couple of days. We are supposed to be picked up by boat tomorrow at noon, but unfortunately that is not possible, because the sea ice is not safe to walk on, but too thick for boats to reach us were we are right now… So at this stage we do not know how to get away from here, but we will come up with a solution !
I would like to thank all of our followers on the blog for your attention during this trip. I hope you have enjoyed our trip. But don’t be sad, there will be more blogging in the days to come… Both about how we are getting of the coastline and about our charity for the children in Isortoq.
Stay tuned as the An Apple for Isortoq- Expedition marches on.
We still have great experiences to share with you. And soon there will be pictures as well.
Are and the fabolous gang of the AN APPLE FOR ISORTOQ EXPEDITION


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