We passed the Arctic Circle today !

Published 28.05 in category Greenland Spring 2014

We are on camp 20 tonight. Our position is N 65 58.903, W-40 47.236. Elevation 1824 and distance done today is 30.7 Km.

We skied all day in very rough conditions. Difficult and a lot of snow and strong winds. The wind blew throughout the whole night and most of the day. Lots of sastrugi and always falling through the snow. A hard day…

We are now in the tents and it seems the wind is calming down. Feeling really good inside our homes.

Gareth turned 28 today and he wants to say hello and send regards to his Mom and Dad, who are always very glad to celebrate birthdays at home.

It was a special moment when 2 thirds of the day behind us we passed the Arctic Circle and we went below 2.000 m elevation as well.

We are now melting water and eating whatever we can get our hands on. Outside is a beautiful tempest and all together we are having some beautiful days her in the Greenland ice cap glacier.

Regards, Are and team.


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