Day 9… Wet and miserable in the morning, dry and happy in the evening!

Published 30.07 in category Ice Legacy Chugach Alaska

It started to rain seriously today when we were in the middle of the difficulties… Woke this morning at 6am. By 0915 we had our load on the back and ready to go up that steep slope. On the way, some drips of water were falling out of our helmets. Carrying under the rain made us feel quite uncomfortable. All the ventilations of our clothes are closed not to let the water come in but in the same time we obviously sweat twice as much. We finally arrived to the fixed rope and will continue hiking up with the help of a jumar. It’s now raining quite a lot, the terrain gets even steeper, the rocks are loose and we sweat! How not to feel uncomfortable? Oh I know! Maybe when you are a mountain goat. This guys don’t care neither about rain not about steepness… But two guys, with heavy sleds on their back in the middle of the mountains, do care ;-).

We finally made it to the top of the col with all our gear. 600 meters up! Wet though. Fortunately, Mother Nature stopped the rain…

We found a good patch of snow and started skiing down towards Tar glacier. On the way, we stopped to take pictures and enjoyed the scenery. The mist is covering the mountain tops, the rock faces are vertical and dark and the crevasses at the bottom are tremendously big. I guess a 38 tons truck can fit no problem.
Then we skied down nearly non stop all the way to the flat part of Tar. Tar is not so wide so it didn’t took us so long to cross it.Ahead of us is another mountain pass. This one will connect to Silvester glacier. We decided to carry again half of our gear to the other side of the pass. A strip of snow shaped as a snake covers most of the route so we were able to pull one sled up. And to make it good enough, we abseiled down the other side! It was 8pm when we sat in the tent. Børge and I agreed on a “tough day”!

Let’s try to get the rest of the equipment to Silvester by tomorrow. Before going to the next mountain pass… geeezzzzz!

Life is good

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