What a day !

Published 10.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013




What an amazing day!

Clear sky, no wind, snow capped mountains all around us, and still the mighty Lautaro towering in front. We did 25 km today, skied for 8,5 hours in good conditions.
We have now started to look at the maps for the possible exits, which basically is satellite images we have printed on a special waterproof paper at Allkopi on Hoevik. With all the rain we have had that was a wise paper to use.

A few large crevasses which we easily could bypass in the clear weather, and the rest smooth skiing and good conditions. We can see some mighty mountains in the front but not sure if it is Fitzroy or Cerro Torre. We will see when we get closer in a couple of days, weather forecast for tomorrow is not so good, but later it is supposed to improve.

Our position (click here):

Lat-48deg48’38” Lon-73deg29’18”

Alt +1457 m

09-Nov-2013 23:50:00 UTC



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