What a day!! Holy moly!

Published 18.04 in category North West passage 2019

Through the first section of packice before Jenny Lind island! It is so beautiful!! Heavy snow, but what a landscape!

We passed a lot of polar bear tracks! We are really lucky! A polar mum with a cub as well! Termigans, polarfox, rabitt…yes u name it!

21 km done today, that is really good!

Btw it is -30 now, Erland, May Kristin and Justine are boiling water while drinking vodka. Tanel got some as well! Happy campers  🙂

Everyone is doing great! Hard work but fun skiing in the packice, the hours just flew! Now it is dinner time!

Need to wake Marit up, she is already asleep, and snoring… he he he, See u tomorrow!

The plan is to cross the island tomorrow another day of 20 km. All the best from The Northwest Passage team, or the “Braindead Expedition” as we call ourselves !

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