What a difference a Day makes

Published 10.01 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

2011 LOGOTuesday morning: As told, the wind came and after some adjustments to kite sizes and sledge weights to even things out they found a tremendous rhythm. Late Sunday the wind was gusting 15m/s and they camped both for rest and shelter. It became a bit edgy.
But after some hours, the wind calmed a bit and off they were again as the wind was expected to die later on Monday. This bagged another  83km, upping the distance to 241km  during this stint. But on Monday they were at it again. After some more rest. But after 1 hour the wind died and they skied for a couple of hours to camp out at 300km from their target! That is formidable progress and they must have slept with big smiles on their faces.
Now everything is back on course. The distance and the amount of food is finally in balance and things look good. They may head into a period of variable and not too much wind, but as they get closer to the ‘coast’ the chance of wind is getting better.
A bit more wind and the end to this epic, historic and mammoth Antarctic crossing could be e pleasure. – Could. As we have learnt, Antarctica holds her cards close to her chest, and she will through up surprises whenever you least expect it. – Cross your fingers and stay tuned.

Gøril flying north and inspecting very tired sledges. Will they last?

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