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DAY 18.
We have now entered east-Greenland with a blast! From the Summit at 2500 m. we have skied downhill all day, with a little western breeze in our back. And of course the sun shining upon our polar-marked, sunburned faces.
We have been out all day, and are now situated a 140m lower than where we started, and 34,5kms further east than were we started. I just love this gang! I wish I was better at telling them.
All of them has qualities that enrich the group. Gunnar H with his routine and great sense of humor. Terje with his calmness and boylike liveliness. Mari with her caring ability to see everyone. Gunnar Christian with his curiosity and knowledge, and expertise on owls. Wenke with her positivity who is always there, and growing with the tasks every day. And Ingvild who is super-strong, always smiling and always caring for me and all the others. She has really learned the game to it’s fullest. What a team!!!
We have now 195 kms from the coast, with seven days to go. Still exciting. Can we make it???
Ingvild would like to send her best wishes to her son Sølve on his 7th birthday. She hope you’ll have a superduper birthday. Mummy miss you and love you very much!!! Ingvild sends hugs and kisses to both her boys; Sølve and Vetle Love U both
From Greenland with love!, Are

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