white is white

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DAY 13
White is white! But still 22,7km.
Tired. Most demanding day of the expedition so far.
Spent the whole day in the white out. We couldn’t see anything. Staying focused for 9 hours in the white took a lot of our energy. We’re both glad the day is over for now. We were roped during the whole day. Our skis were under the powder most of the time. Strong winds in the morning, if it would have increased we would have pitched the tent. Finally it calmed down. Weather cleared a bit in the evening. Let’s hope it will be better and more fun. White out is part of the game.
But today is a special day we have to celebrate with cognac of course! It’s the 30th anniversary of Borge’s first expedition across Greenland. 2nd of May 1986, he and some of his friends had their last day skiing all the way to Umanak. The crossing took them 37 days. Imagine at that time, no Gore Tex, no Gps, no Satellite phone…. Vince was 3 and half months at that time 🙂 ahahah! Cheers from the Icelegacy team!!

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