white: no trees, no green, no flowers…

Published 29.05 in category Greenland Spring 2016 with Bengt

Saturday morning:
Still in the suvepose (sleepingbag): I woke up, no wind, no birds singing, no wind. Absolute silence.
Then I opened the tent door: clouds, little blue sky, the rest white, no trees, no green, no flowers.
This was the feeling on the icecap of Greenland this morning. We did 26,6km today, a bit sastrugie, but nice walking. Sun came out during the day – nice day!
If all is working good, we are in Isortoq 8 days from now. We are still a good team!
For my family:
All the best. Stay together, help each other. Take great care to mam. I miss you.

From Tommy:
Hi Michael. Everything is fine. A bit cold of course but fine. See you soon Pappa.
Hi Arne and the joggers. Everything is fine. See you soon. My love to Mette. Tommy.


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