Whiteout !

Published 11.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013

We started and ended this day in total whiteout, after a rather windy night. Wind was steady 8 -10 m/s during the day, but gradually increased towards the evening.

Still we did a full day, 25 km, which we are very satisfied with in these conditions. Forecast for tomorrow is bad, so we expect a day in the tent tomorrow. We did a good job setting up the tent, digging it down and secured it with extra climbing ropes.

It’s already a gusting storm, so noisy that we cannot hear each other speaking when the hardest gusts hit. Both tents have double poles, so we feel secure and must just make the best out of the downtime. It’s anyway good to have a rest day after more than a week of continuous hard work.

Now it’s time for dinner! We have enough fuel and food and can basically eat as much as we want. On top of it we have a stack of cards, some books and  best of all good friends, so there’s not  much more we need !

whiteout1            whiteout2

Our position (click here):

Lat-49deg1’27” Lon-73deg21’50”

Alt +1460 m

11-Nov-2013 00:57:39 UTC

Greetings from Patagonia,

Borge Ousland.

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