whiteout and high wind hitting us in the face

Published 21.04 in category North West passage 2018

Today we woke up to whiteout and high wind hitting us in the face. But after a few legs it cleared out and the we could see the sun trough the clouds. That did it much easier navigating our way over the frozen sea.

It’s a lot of fresh snow on the ice today, this makes the pulkas very heavy to drag behind us, and on this trip, we have 2 pulkas each. But the team is getting stronger and stronger every day, and we loose around 1 kg each every day with food and gasoline… This makes us more powerful now than when we started the trip, and today we did 24 km!

It’s great being up here in the wild, the day before yesterday we even camped on a Island that doesn’t exist on the map and there is many of them here!

We can also tell that it’s getting later in April by looking on the temperatures, it’s warmer during the day now. And we never use our headlamp anymore like we did when we started.

Tomorrow looks great, now we are resting in the tents and repairing gear.

 Rune & Team 🙂

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