Published 01.09 in category Greenland Fall crossing Team Wen Xu / Bård

Bård Helge Strand sent this message from:

Lat 66.152512 Lon -42.003157

Yesterday we had a good day with strong tailwind from the morning. We also had thick clouds and snow =total whiteout! Anyways we pushed another 21km West before we put up camp. Today however we have only played cards, eaten a lot of food, been to the toilet and occasionally checking that the tent is doing ok. With a storm hitting us from the North we have no option but to stay in the tent and wait for better times. Quite cosy, but you get restless. Todays picture is captured when one of our heroes made a brave and dangerous expedition to our very simple toilet facilities behind the tent. Experiencing turbulence in practice as he unluckily lost hold of the toiletpaper after a real wipe and got to learn how a piece of paper can fly round and round in circles in a small area at high speed. Nothing to do but pull your pants up and make a hasty escape out of the danger zone and back into the tent. The storm is supposed to last until Sunday morning. So we’ll probably stay here until then. Chufa!

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