wilderness out here: wolves, wolverines, seals, musk ox, polar bears…

Published 15.05 in category North West passage 2017

What a day! What a wilderness out here, we have wolfs, wolverines, polar bears and seal around us and big muskox running in the blowing snow!

Great experience!We met some “inuits” today that offered us a ride for some kilometers. They where out hunting and checking on the radar station. And so we hitchhiked for a few km before we skied for another 20 km. So now we are 43 km from Gjoa Haven, and planning on making it to the village by the 16 th of may, in two days. Dinner and good wibes in camp now.

We had lunch with the “inuits”, and talked about the old days when everyone was living off the land, and wegot to learn more about the culture.

Ginger got fresh caribu meat from their catch from yesterday…. What a day !


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