Published 24.07 in category Nordaustlandet 2013

Chris in the sailboat Hi, we just rounded the northern part of Nordaustlandet. Right behind us we can see Kapp Platen, and to our North there is drifting ice. From time to time we see seals sunbathing on the ice. We almost sailed over a walrus not long ago, but managed to get clear of him just in time.

We sailed the whole of yesterday, and throughout the night. The sailing was very good over Hindlopenstredet, with a southwestern wind blowing up to a strong breeze. Here on the North side of Nordaustlandet the weather is calm and beautiful.


The last days has been adventurous, and the team are very happy! Now we are ready for our skies. If the ice and the weather let us come ashore, our next update will come from the first tent camp.
Regards, Børge and the Team


Walrus from last years crossing


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