Wind-still after two days confinement to camp

Published 16.01 in category South Pole 2009

Let me give you an update. We stayed two days at the South Pole, stuck because of poor weather further north preventing pilots from flying south to pick us up. But three o’clock local time today, our flight came, returning us to 89 degrees latitude.

We landed safely. Now we are relaxing in our tent, the position of our cam being S 89˚03’, E 82˚22’. Since we have had time to acclimatise ourselves to the altitude, which is almost 3000 metres, and my young expedition colleagues appear in good form, we have decided to attempt the “last degree” in just four days. That amounts to 25 kilometres per day. Tomorrow we shall aim for a good ten-hour day and see how it goes.

The weather has been beautiful today! For the first time since we arrived on Antarctica, there is no wind. In fact, we have been walking about in our shirtsleeves, in a comfortable twenty-odd below centigrade. It really is great to ski here when the wind abates; usually the wind is incessant, and at times merciless up here on the Antarctic Plateau.

All is well. Tomorrow we shall try to put some distance behind us.

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