Windy and white

Published 30.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

I opened the tentdoor and was meet by millions of small corns of snow. couldn’t see the other tents, but followed the rope to the next tent and gave the thumb down for us to move on.

The  gps woke me up at 5 as planned, but I could right away hear that there was no big chance we could move on. I gave the message that people could sleep inn. At 10 we all were awake, sitting in the tent telling stories an laughing as the camp snowed inn. At 1500 the wind went down a little, and the visibility got better. We desided to move the camp, at least a leg or two. It took more than an hour to showel up the camp. Skied on for two legs, and had a beautifull sunset while we built our new camp only 4,5kilometres from our last camp. The wind is still hard, but it is supposed to calm down in the midle of the day tomorrow.
Saludos, Bengt

Latest position:

Lat66deg0’52” Lon-4deg21’0″ Alt +1708 m (1m32s ago) 30-Aug-2013 00:20:04 UTC


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