Windy day on the ice

Published 15.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Rune Krogh

Today we woke up to high winds. We had to battle against the wind, and still we managed to ski 20 km. Now we are enjoying ourselves in camp, eating dinner and sweets, playing cards, and drying our stinky socks just outside the party tent.

The next team member we would like to introduce to you is Thomas. He is from Germany, and can never remember his age. 35 maybe? This is his first polar expedition, and he seems well prepared and in good shape for this. You will always see him with a smile on his face! He is certainly a contestant for the kindest one in the group – not just because he carries 2 kg of candy (he himself doesn’t even like it) for the group instead of Arctic Bedding !!!

All good in Greenland


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