With Prince Albert to the South Pole

Published 14.01 in category South Pole 2009

We are now camped at the South Pole after a successful day. When we arose this morning, we were 10 km from the globe’s southernmost geographic point. Today has been gorgeous! The sun and movement of low clouds has bathed this landscape of ice and snow in a beautiful changing light, captivating us all with its mood.

Prince Albert, Mike Horn, Clèmence and Nicholas had a fine adventure reaching the Pole. Now the Prince commences a round tour that takes him to all the research facilities on Antarctica. He has already left the pole.

I am delighted that Prince Albert wished to join us for part of this expedition, and that this is how he chose to begin his Antarctic visit. I am sure the sense of adventure here feels just as strong as when the first explorers came here, more than a hundred years ago. Prince Albert has expressed a keener understanding of this after this expedition. En route he has risen to the challenge, and always proved helpful and cheerful. He just happens to be a very nice and pleasant guy!

Everything went well. We are now relaxing in our tents on the South Pole itself. Tomorrow we shall return by air to the “last degree” point, to undertake this expedition together with Clèmence and Nicholas. This is a journey that is expected to take approximately one week.

Mike and I are sharing a tent for the first time since our 2006 winter expedition to the North Pole. It’s great to lie here, talking about everything and nothing in particular.

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