Goodbye to the horses

Published 31.10 in category Patagonia 2012

From here 4 legs are out, two legs has to do the job

Day 3, Tuesday 31th October: This was Patagonia at its most Patagonian as they went through about every chapter en the weather dictionary. Drizzle, calm, some wind, spots of sun, rain, a bit of snow and dry again.
As yesterday they were slow out of the blocks. And again it was some horses missing. The locals could not comprehend the stress as they live by ‘what’s wrong with tomorrow’. But as soon as they were on the horses they were able to do good progress and at five in the evening they reached the camp that marks the end of the road for the horses.
Tomorrow will be the first big test as they aim to do the first round of carrying the equipment up and as close to the ice as possible.

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