Yesterday was a really hard day due to the altitude

Published 01.12 in category South Pole 2005

The atmosphere is alot thinner here, so it feels alot higher than it really is. The body
feels like it’s on 3000m, we feel this through our resting pulse over
100, slight headache, lack of hunger and other signs of mild mountain
sickness. This made the walking yesterday very tough, and in addition it
was very cold (35 degrees below and wind from the east). We walked 19 kilometers in 9 hours. We’re hoping for a better day today so it’ll be a
little easier to walk. We are all doing good. Jan Erik experienced the
same problems we did. He’s a couple of kilometers on our side, but
walked the same distance so we’re on the sam course.

Comments from Fredrik:

Yesterday I had the toughest ski trip of my life. If you take everything
you’ve ever learned about skiing on the south pole and double it up 10
times, you’ll be pretty close to our ski trip yesterday. It’s hard,
nothing comes free here, and for every step you take you are reminded
that the pulk needs to be dragged along aswell. With 35 degrees below,
this is, as Børge already said, very tough. And if Børge thinks it’s
hard, you can imagine how it is for me, but every day is one step closer
to our goal. We’re having some breakfast now and then we’re ready for a new trip. Everything will look brighter once we’re done with day 2.

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